The Hygio company got its start in Salo in 2014, when our parent company Punta Oy was considering the possible additions to lockers for storing staff clothes. The work group was familiar with areas in which the maintenance of an absolutely superior level of hygiene is a prerequisite for operation. The idea of a cabinet for disinfection and refreshment of work clothing without visible dirt was born.

Ozonation was chosen as the technology, due to its particular efficiency in refreshment of porous materials while eliminating viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. This marked the birth of Hygio. From the very start, top Finnish experts from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Turku University of Applied Sciences were involved in the development.


In These We Believe:

Trust-based partnership

For us, it is important that you can trust in our products under any circumstances. Our maintenance service ensures that the Hygio cabinets of our customers are up to date and safe to use. We are at your disposal whenever you have questions regarding our products.


Quality, safety and responsibility

We are constantly developing our products to make them even better, and we gladly welcome development ideas. Finnish design, production, sales, and management play a key role in the transparency of our operations.

Open, attentive & respectful interaction

You can always contact us. We will gladly listen to your user experience and are eager to become even better. Smooth interaction is a matter of the heart for us – both with customers and inside the company.

Growing and profitable business

Today, maintaining a high level of hygiene in work and hobby environments is more topical than ever. We want to build a better and cleaner future together.

The need for waterless disinfection was real, as washing textiles at high temperatures with strong chemicals causes wear of the fabric and thus significantly shortens the life cycle of clothing in everyday use. Furthermore, textile waste is a growing problem in the world. In addition, employers in the fire and rescue, social and health sectors spend quite a lot on the maintenance of work clothing every year. Therefore, the water and chemicals-free Hygio treatment was a revolutionary idea.

Easy and safe Hygio

Refreshment and disinfection of textiles and other difficult-to-clean tools at workplaces is often expensive and time-consuming. We wanted to make Hygio so easy and safe that all employees are capable of using it by themselves. The compact and quiet cabinet can be placed to any warm and dry premises and only requires a regular electrical connection for operation. Anyone can load their clothes and tools into the cabinet, start the program, and use the clean products immediately after the treatment. The company decided to bring the idea to life.

Hygio is also engaged in equipment disinfection and refreshment

At first, the cabinets were introduced in the fire & rescue and safety sectors for work clothing refreshment and deodorization. It resulted in hugely improved working comfort and occupational safety. Soon, the functionality and disinfection ability of the cabinets convinced the health care sector as well. Today, hundreds of companies representing different industries use Hygio cabinets.

One of our most important customer segments is specialized medical care and health care, because the level of hygiene must be very high there and the tools and goods impeccably clean at all times. Over the years, the Hygio cabinet has become an important tool for nurses and orderlies in maintaining a high level of hygiene and the key to improving patient and occupational safety. The benefits brought by Hygio have also caught the attention of sports and exercise operators, as well as of companies providing laundry and costume rental services.

Finnish company and innovation

Hygio is an all-Finnish company. All of our products are manufactured by our parent company Punta Oy in Kisko, Salo. From there, the products are transported to customers in Finland and abroad. Our office is located at the IoT Campus in Salo.

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