Sports equipment and gear are often challenging to clean. Especially in case of equipment and gear in shared use, cleaning and deodorization are extremely important and create challenges for both the athlete and equipment maintenance. Without proper cleaning, shared equipment may spread infections in case of extensive daily use. Hygio disinfects clothing, equipment and gear easily, quickly and efficiently.

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We recommend for sports and well-being:

Hygio a40

Disinfects And Neutralizes Unpleasant Odors

According to studies, up to 85% of microbes remain alive in clothing after regular washing with water at 40°C. Because of this, unpleasant odors may stick to sports equipment and other goods.  By regular Hygio treatment, the “sticking” of unpleasant odors can be prevented. Since goods can be treated with Hygio often, a high level of hygiene is also maintained.

Safe And Easy to Use

A Hygio disinfection cabinet is easy to set up, as the unit only needs to be plugged in. The program is started with the push of a button and the electric lock prevents opening the door during the program. After the treatment, the goods are immediately ready for use.

A Handy Extra Service For Your Customers

You can also offer disinfection and refreshment as an additional service to your customers, for example, to fitness enthusiasts or for disinfection of the customers’ shoes in connection with pedicure. Introduce Hygio for better customer service!

The importance of maintaining a high level of hygiene is acknowledged in more and more sectors. Sports and well-being pose various challenges to disinfection and refreshment. Hygio renders disinfection and refreshment of sports clothing and equipment even easier, since the easy-to-use unit can be placed in any dry premises and does not require separate installation. The quietly operating unit does not interfere with other work. The program is started with the push of a button and the electric lock prevents opening the cabinet door in the middle of the program. Hygienization is an excellent choice, e.g., for disinfection of sports equipment and gear, as well as of textiles.

In the well-being industry, Hygio can be used for disinfection and cleaning of thick textiles and care products, for example. In addition, the hygienic treatment service can be sold directly to customers, for example, in spas or sports centers. All goods to be hygienized can be treated as they are, without disassembly, and are ready for use immediately after the treatment.

The introduction of Hygio promotes customer satisfaction and safety, improves the level of hygiene, and work and sports satisfaction. Hygienization extends the service life of goods, for they can be cleaned often and without wear.

For sports and well-being operators, we primarily recommend the Hygio a40 disinfection cabinet, which is suitable for the treatment of clothing, footwear, sports equipment, helmets, gloves, and exercise mats.

Hygio’s Benefits In Sports And Well-Being

  • improved level of hygiene
  • reduction of infection risks
  • improved customer satisfaction
  • improved job satisfaction
  • faster cleaning process
  • reduced wear and extended service life of textiles and accessories
  • reduced laundry costs
  • reduced consumption of cleaning and disinfection chemicals
  • reduced energy consumption
  • reduced water consumption