Hygio a40 Medi is a disinfection cabinet with longer programs and greater disinfection efficiency. The units are extensively used at, for example, fire departments, emergency care wards and hospitals as part of occupational safety and health risk management. With Hygio, cleaning of textiles, gear and equipment can be carried out effortlessly and often, thereby maintaining a constantly high level of hygiene.

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Disinfects Microbes

Neutralizes Odors

Ecological and Chemical-Free

Safe and Easy to Use

Benefits of Hygienic Treatment

Hygienization offers many kinds of advantages to our customers:

  • Helps maintain a high level of hygiene
  • Prevents the spread of infections
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors
  • Improves occupational safety
  • Improves working comfort
  • Reduces health risks
  • User-friendly and safe
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Chemical-free and environment-friendly
  • High-quality product made in Finland

Technical Specifications

Unit dimensions (height, width, depth):
1 900 x 550 x 650mm
Weight: approx. 105kg
Interior dimensions (height, width, depth):
1,470 x 430 x 595mm
Electrical connection: voltage 230V, power 80W
Programs: 1h sensitive / 6h sensitive / 2h power
Standard equipment: 4 wire baskets, 3 hangers, 4 hanger bars, 6 hanger knobs, 1 bar for coat hangers, 2 keys, adjustable legs
All of the equipment are painted white. The cabinet frame is white and the door gray.
Operating environment: 20–35˚C dry premises, no connection to air conditioning is needed.

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For Demanding Disinfection

Hygio a40 Medi is suitable for disinfection and deodorization of various goods, such as clothing, footwear, work gear and tools. Hygio a40 Medi eliminates microbes even from the most challenging areas. The unit is intended for demanding disinfection, it also destroys stubborn sporulating microorganisms, molds and carcinogenic PAH compounds, as well as neutralizes odors. With Hygio, disinfection is easy, quick and efficient. Cleaning can be done frequently, thereby maintaining a constantly high level of hygiene.

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The Hygio a40 Medi disinfection cabinet is intended for demanding, high-level disinfection and deodorization. The programs are longer and more efficient as compared to entry-level Hygio a40 units. In the Hygio cabinet, larger volumes and thicker textiles can be disinfected efficiently in a single go. It also destroys stubborn sporulating microorganisms and molds and efficiently removes carcinogenic PAH compounds at the touch of a button.

Efficient and Safe Cleaning Method

The cleaning procedure of the Hygio a40 Medi disinfection cabinet is based on ozone and its strong oxidizing ability utilized for microbe elimination. The procedure consumes no water or chemicals and leaves no residues. The goods involved can be hygienized as they are, without disassembly. When the program starts, the electric lock of the cabinet door engages, keeping the door locked throughout the program. At the end of the program, the goods are ready for use right away. The completely airtight units can be used in all regular dry and warm premises.

An unparalleled advantage of the treatment is that it can be done often and without wearing out the goods treated, thereby maintaining a high level of hygiene. The quiet unit does not interfere with other work even when in operation. The unit need not – and may not – be connected to the building’s ventilation system. The cabinet only has a standard power supply connection.

Hygio a40 Medi Offers High-Level Hygiene

Hygio a40 Medi facilitates disinfection operations at workplaces where cleanliness is a precondition to safe operation or where the safety of equipment used or the cleanliness of individual work gear is paramount. The unit is comprehensively applicable for treatment of clothing, footwear, tools and equipment.

With the Hygio cabinet, maintaining a high level of hygiene is easy, since anyone is capable of using it. We recommend the unit for health care and specialized medical care, first aid, rescue departments, food industry facilities, research centers and laboratories, early childhood education and elderly services, and veterinary medicine. The units are currently seeing extensive use in, for example, fire departments, emergency care wards and hospitals, as part of occupational safety and health risk management. Regular use of Hygio cabinets helps extend the service life of clothing and other items and renders the cleaning process more efficient.