The work environment of the first aid service is challenging in terms of infection control. The Hygio disinfection cabinet efficiently and safely destroys microbes and PAH compounds, making cleaning easy and quick. Work equipment and aids can be disinfected as they are, without disassembly. After the treatment, the goods are immediately ready for the next task.

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Suitable for first aid:

Hygio a40 Medi


As proven by studies, Hygio disinfection cabinets eliminate up to 99.999% of microbes. Hygio a40 Medi also disinfects stubborn sporulating microorganisms and molds in a single run of the program.


The materials used in the Topper by Image Wear first aid work clothing collection have been tested in connection with Hygio’s disinfection treatment. We recommend cleaning work clothing in a Hygio cabinet instead of washing with water if the clothing is free of visible dirt. The treatment spares materials and extends the service life of products.


In their work, paramedics are exposed to hazardous carcinogenic PAH compounds. Soot, smoke, and fuel odors possibly sticking to work clothing and equipment constitute an occupational safety and health hazard for the entire personnel. The Hygio treatment provenly reduces the amount of carcinogenic PAH compounds.

Due to its hectic and unpredictable nature, first aid is a very challenging work environment with a high risk of spreading infections. In the changing conditions of first aid, ensuring good hygiene and equipment safety is of particular importance, since work clothing and equipment are susceptible to pathogens and environmental contaminants.

With Hygio, keeping the paramedics’ clothing and equipment clean and ensuring patient safety is possible under any circumstances. Disinfection of work clothing and equipment in the Hygio cabinet is easy and effortless, and the treated goods are ready for use right away. Easy and frequent disinfection maintains a constantly high level of hygiene.

For the disinfection needs of emergency medicine, we recommend the Hygio a40 Medi disinfection cabinet, the programs of which are suitable for the treatment of work clothing, footwear, and other protective equipment, such as bulletproof vests, helmets and backpacks. The new Hygio a40 Medi uvc is also a good choice for emergency medicine operators. The quick UVC programme is suitable for the disinfection of electronic devices, such as laptops, keypads and telephones, as well as for electronic measuring instruments, such as blood pressure monitors. It is also excellent for disinfecting other small hard-surface items, such as ID cards, access cards, portable terminals or keys.

Hygio’s benefits in first aid

  • improved level of hygiene
  • reduction of infection risks
  • neutralization of unpleasant odors
  • improved patient satisfaction
  • improved patient safety
  • faster cleaning process
  • gentle treatment prolongs the service life of textiles and equipment
  • all clothing and equipment can be treated without disassembly
  • reduced consumption of cleaning and disinfection chemicals
  • reduced energy consumption
  • reduced water consumption