The Hygio disinfection cabinet renders disinfection in a rescue department easy, quick and efficient. The objective of the Clean Fire Department model is reduction of firefighter exposure through a variety of procedures. Hygio has a remarkable solution for the reduction of PAHs released from fire-fighting equipment; it is an important part of the maintenance process of rescue and fire department gear. Equipment maintenance in itself is a significant factor affecting overall exposure.

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For rescue departments, we recommend:

Hygio a40 Medi

Proven Efficiency in PAH Compounds Removal

Study results indicate that the treatment of fire-fighting equipment in the Hygio a40 Medi disinfection cabinet removes hazardous PAH compounds much more efficiently as compared to conventional washing methods. Combining washing with the Hygio treatment allows elimination of up to 70 percent of the harmful carcinogenic PAH compounds accumulated in the gear. Our recommendation for fire-fighting equipment is washing, drying, and ozonation.

Improves Occupational Safety

Ozonation is the key to significant reduction of work-related exposure of rescuers. We will work out a comprehensive solution for your rescue department’s needs to ensure that in addition to equipment maintenance, ozonation can be used for the treatment of clothing in changing rooms.

Significant Cost Savings

With Hygio, significant cost savings can be achieved, since soiled but otherwise usable equipment marked for disposal can be returned into use. Hygio allows extending equipment service life and prolonging product life cycle.

Rescue operations pose many kinds of challenges to occupational safety. For fire-fighters, one of the most significant occupational safety risks is significantly higher exposure to carcinogens as compared to other occupations. Protection against carcinogenic PAH compounds requires proper protective equipment at the fire site, as well as washing anything that can be washed after the task is completed. The risk of cancer can be reduced if the washing of equipment and gear is carefully thought through. Odors of soot, smoke, and fuels stick to work clothing and equipment. Harmful compounds are also released from them into the environment. Excessive exposure is an occupational safety and health risk for the entire personnel.

The Hygio treatment reduces the amount of carcinogenic PAHs released from the gear and significantly reduces the overall exposure of fire-fighters. Because of this, Hygio plays an important role in equipment maintenance of rescue departments. Almost all rescue departments in Finland use Hygio cabinets.

For rescue departments and volunteer fire departments, we recommend the Hygio a40 Medi disinfection cabinet, because its programs are suitable for the treatment of safety clothing, footwear, helmets, and gloves.

Hygio’s Benefits in Rescue Service

  • reduction in the amount of PAH compounds
  • improved occupational safety
  • more efficient equipment cleaning process
  • neutralization of unpleasant odors
  • reduced energy consumption
  • reduced water consumption