A high level of hygiene and cleanliness is a basic prerequisite in the field of health care. The Hygio disinfection cabinet keeps the equipment clean and ensures patient safety under any circumstances. Owing to the ease of use, the disinfection cabinet is a natural part of daily disinfection operations in the care sector. Work clothing, care equipment and aids can be disinfected as they are, without disassembly. The Hygio a40 Medi unit is designed for the demanding disinfection necessary in the field of health care, which also destroys stubborn sporulating microorganisms.

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Our recommendation for health care:

Hygio a40 Medi


As proven by studies, Hygio disinfection cabinets eliminate up to 99.999% of microbes. Hygio a40 Medi also disinfects stubborn sporulating microorganisms and molds in a single run of the program.


With Hygio, odors can easily be removed from even the most problematic places. Regular treatment of goods allows prevention of the “sticking” of unpleasant odors. Since goods can be treated with Hygio often, a high level of hygiene is also maintained.


A high level of hygiene is a basic prerequisite of good health care. Regular hygienization of textiles and equipment increases patient safety, since the items can be disinfected quickly, safely, and frequently, without chemicals or residues.

Health care requires a high level of hygiene on daily basis. Cleaning and disinfection are key to maintaining equipment safety in the health care environment. They constitute the basic methods employed to ensure the safety of equipment used. Therapeutic equipment is susceptible to pathogens and environmental contaminants, which is why ensuring cleanness of the equipment is of particular importance.

Many therapeutic equipment and aids are difficult to disinfect, because they do not withstand high temperatures, strong chemicals or disinfecting washing with water. With Hygio, keeping such equipment clean and safe is easy and efficient under any circumstances.

For disinfection needs in the field of health and specialized medical care, we recommend the Hygio a40 Medi disinfection cabinet, the programs of which are suitable for the treatment of protective equipment, various lifting and transferring aids, therapy equipment, orthoses and supports, footwear, clothing, care backpacks, toys and books. The new Hygio a40 Medi uvc is also a good choice for healthcare and specialized care operators. The quick UVC programme is suitable for the disinfection of electronic devices, such as laptops, keypads and telephones, as well as for electronic measuring instruments, such as blood pressure monitors. It is also excellent for disinfecting other small hard-surface items, such as ID cards, access cards, portable terminals or keys.

Hygio’s Benefits in Health Care

  • improved level of hygiene
  • reduction of infection risks
  • neutralization of unpleasant odors
  • improved patient satisfaction
  • improved patient safety
  • faster cleaning process
  • gentle treatment prolongs the service life of textiles and equipment
  • all clothing and equipment can be treated without disassembly
  • reduced consumption of cleaning and disinfection chemicals
  • reduced energy consumption
  • reduced water consumption