Hygio products are intended for easy, fast, and efficient disinfection and deodorization. Our disinfection cabinets are effective in preventing infections and maintaining a high level of hygiene. The Hygio product family includes three different disinfection cabinets with ozone and UVC light-based disinfection technologies.

Hygio a40

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Hygio a40 Medi

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Hygio a40 Medi UVC

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Hygio products represent Finnish innovation and workmanship and bear the Key Flag Symbol. All of our products are designed and manufactured in Salo, Finland. The disinfection technology used in Hygio cabinets is based on ozonation and UVC light All of our products have been tested by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Hygio is a High-Quality Finnish Product

As a Finnish disinfection cabinet manufacturer, we have paid special attention to product quality, user-friendliness, and operational safety. If you choose Hygio products, you can rely on their safety, quality, and ease of use. The functionality and safety of the equipment is ensured by regular inspection and maintenance visits. We ensure safe and correct use of Hygio cabinets by equipment and use-related guidance.

Hygio cabinets are incredibly easy to set up. All of our products are designed to be suitable for placement in any dry and warm indoor premises. Hygio products require no separate connections; even connection to air conditioning, for example, is not required or even allowed. The products only come with a standard power supply connection.

Our products are known for their user-friendliness. Both equipment models come with three standard program options. Any goods can be hygienized as they are, without disassembly. When a program starts, an electric lock is engaged and the door remains locked throughout the program. At the end of the program, the goods are ready for use right away. Owing to the ease of use, the employees can safely hygienize their own clothing and equipment without the need for a dedicated person.

Hygio Products Are The Choice of Hygiene Professionals

The Hygio disinfection method is a solution for maintaining hygiene and treatment of difficult-to-clean items that need not withstand high temperatures, washing with water, or strong chemicals. Hygio is widely used in various industries for the purposes of occupational safety and health risk management, as well to improve working comfort and well-being at work.

The Hygio product family includes three distinct disinfection cabinets varying by programme length, disinfection capacity and technology. Hygio a40 is an entry-level disinfection cabinet for disinfection and deodorization of textiles. Hygio a40 Medi is designed for more demanding disinfection as well as for cleaning textiles and equipment, which require high level of hygiene. The new Hygio a40 Medi uvc features all the characteristics of the Hygio a40 Medi cabinet with an additional UVC compartment for efficient and safe disinfection of electronics.

In addition to our standard products, we offer tailored disinfection solutions for cases where the items to be cleaned do not fit inside the cabinet.

This Is How to Use a Hygio

  • Install the cabinet (applies to the first time only).
  • Plug the unit in.
  • Place the items to be treated loosely in the cabinet.
  • Switch the power on.
  • Close the cabinet door.
  • Choose the program you want.
  • Push the button to start the program.
  • The items are ready for use right after the treatment.

Hygio cabinets are not suitable for treatment of natural rubber. The items treated must be dry.