We at Hygio wish to take care of your equipment, because ozonation devices require regular maintenance in order to ensure cleaning capacity and operational safety.

Reliable maintenance contract

We recommend the maintenance contract to the procurers of all our equipment. We wish that our clients could use the Hygio cabinets with maximum safety, effortlessness and ease, without having to ponder, if the appliance needs maintenance or whether it functions properly. We keep a maintenance register and as the maintenance term of a unit approaches, we contact the client and agree on the maintenance time. The appliances are maintained regularly once a year. Our devices also include maintenance indicators. We ask the client to contact us, when the maintenance light starts to flash. Then we agree on the time of our service call and instruct on how to use the machine until the arrival of our service personnel.

What is included in a service call?

Hygio units contain wear parts, which must be replaced on a regular basis. The unit is measured for ozone and UVC levels, which show us, if the unit is functional and generates the correct volume of ozone or UVC light, i.e. renders the correct disinfection outcome. Wear parts are replaced, the seals and functioning mechanism of the electric lock are checked. The purpose of these regular service calls is to ensure proper functioning and safety of the equipment.

What is included in the maintenance contract?

The maintenance contract covers all the normal inspection and maintenance visits as well as related work, travel costs, replaced wear parts and measuring. Equipment delivery includes a maintenance contract charge until the end of the current year, followed by a maintenance charge at the beginning of each following year. With valid maintenance contract, the client will have no extra costs from maintenance calls. The maintenance contract does not cover repair of equipment failures occurring under exceptional conditions mentioned in the operating instructions.

Should the client not sign the maintenance contract, service call will be invoiced separately.