Hygio a40 gently removes from various textiles and goods unpleasant odors and pathogenic microbes, with no damage to the materials. The possibility to disinfect pathogens also in difficult-to-clean goods reduces infection risks. A Hygio disinfection cabinet is an ecological and economical solution. It consumes no water or chemicals and causes no wear of the materials treated.

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Disinfects Microbes

Neutralizes Odors

Ecological and Chemical-Free

Safe and Easy to Use

Benefits of Hygienic Treatment

Hygienization offers many kinds of advantages to our customers:

  • Improves working comfort and enjoyment of hobbies
  • Prevents the spread of infectious diseases
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors
  • Improves occupational safety
  • Helps maintain a high level of hygiene
  • User-friendly and safe
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Chemical-free and environment-friendly
  • High-quality product made in Finland

Technical Specifications

Unit dimensions (height, width, depth): 
1 900 x 550 x 650mm
Weight: approx. 105kg
Interior dimensions (height, width, depth):
1,470 x 430 x 595mm
Electrical connection: voltage 230V, power 80W
Programs: 10min / 30min / 1h
Standard equipment: 3 wire baskets, 3 hangers, 3 hanger knobs, 1 bar for coat hangers, 2 keys, adjustable legs
All of the equipment are painted white. White or black can be chosen as the cabinet frame color.
Operating environment: 20–35˚C dry premises, no connection to air conditioning is needed.

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A Comprehensive Solution

Hygio is suitable for the treatment of almost any clothing, footwear and other goods and equipment. The Hygio a40 disinfection cabinet serves many different industries by refreshing, neutralizing odors and disinfecting various items easily and efficiently.

Hygienization is an excellent addition to the service portfolio of businesses in many different fields. Owing to the ease of use, the unit is also excellently suitable for consumer use, while reinforcing a positive corporate image.

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The Hygio a40 disinfection cabinet is intended for entry-level disinfection and deodorization. It is also an excellent choice for provision of disinfection services to consumers. The cabinet comes with two lighter refreshment programs for quick freshening of individual, light textiles and goods, supplemented by a program for more efficient disinfection and deodorization.

Easy-to-Use Hygio A40

The cleaning procedure of the Hygio a40 disinfection cabinet is based on ozone and its strong oxidizing ability utilized for microbe elimination. The procedure consumes no water or chemicals and leaves no residues. The goods to be cleaned can be treated as they are, without disassembly. When a program starts, an electric lock is engaged and the door remains locked throughout the program. At the end of the program, the goods are ready for use right away. The completely airtight units can be used in all regular dry and warm premises. The quietly operating unit does not interfere with other work. The unit need not – and may not – be connected to the building’s ventilation system. The cabinet only has a standard power supply connection.

Embrace Hygiene as Part of Everyday Life

Odorlessness and cleanness are important preconditions to daily well-being. Hygio a40 is suitable for comprehensive use, such as treatment of clothing, footwear, work and sports goods, and protective equipment. We recommend it especially for clothing and textiles maintenance, security authorities, and sports centers. The compact cabinet is easy to install in even a small space; in addition to the electric lock, it can be locked from the outside, preventing other users from accessing the goods treated in the cabinet before the treatment is completed. Hygio is an easy way for improving the hygiene of textiles and other items on daily basis. Owing to the cleaning method, the service life of textiles and accessories is extended, since the abrasion caused by washing with water is avoided.