The Hygio a40 Medi uvc disinfection cabinet offers a versatile disinfection solution, as the device offers two different disinfection technology solutions in one package in an unprecedented way. An efficient disinfection cabinet thus combines the benefits of ozonation and uvc radiation.

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Desinfects Microbes

Neutralizes Odors

Ecological and Chemical-Free

Safe and Easy to Use

Benefits of Hygio Cabinet

  • Helps maintain a high level of hygiene
  • Prevents the spread of infections
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Improves occupational safety
  • Increases working comfort
  • Reduces health risks
  • User friendly and safe
  • Easy to set up
  • Chemical free and environmentally friendly
  • Domestic quality product

Technical Specifications

  • Device dimensions (height, width, depth): 1,900 x 550 x 650 mm
  • Weight: app. 120 kg
  • Internal dimensions of the ozonation chamber (height, width, depth): 1,154 x 430 x 595 mm
  • Internal dimensions of the UV compartment (height, width, depth): 294 x 396 x 590 mm
  • Electrical connection: voltage 230 V, power 80 W
  • Programs: 1 h sensitive ozone disinfection / 2 h power ozone disinfection / 5 min uvc disinfection
  • Standard equipment: 4 wire baskets, 3 clothes hangers, 4 hanging rods, 6 hanging branches, 1 clothes rail, 2 keys, adjustable legs
    All equipment is white. The color of the cabinet can be silver or white.
  • Operating environment: 20–35 ˚C dry room, does not require air conditioning connection.

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Disinfects Electronics

The Hygio a40 Medi uvc can also be used to quickly disinfect hard-surfaced electronic devices. The device has a familiar ozonation room for disinfecting textiles and porous materials and removing odor. In addition to this, there is a uvc tray at the bottom of the cabinet, which is suitable for disinfecting electronics, measuring equipment and small hard-surfaced items. Uvc is also a very effective disinfection method. Its disinfecting effect is based on the power of radiation to burn microbes, break down bacterial DNA and prevent them from multiplying. The UV program is very fast; its duration is only 10 minutes.

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Hygio a40 Medi uvc is a disinfection solution for workplaces that need not only efficient disinfection and deodorization of textiles and other goods, but also fast and demanding disinfection of electronic equipment. Such areas include, for example, emergency and medical care, schools and kindergartens, and the security sector. Cabinet ozonation programs are familiar from the Hygio a40 Medi. In addition to ozonation, the device also utilizes uvc technology.

Powerful and versatile device for a very high level of disinfection

Hygio a40 Medi uvc is suitable for effective deodorization and disinfection, which also destroys sporulating microbes, molds and carcinogenic PAHs that are more difficult to destroy. At the top of the cabinet there is an ozonation space for deodorizing and disinfecting textiles and other goods. In the ozonation mode, larger amounts and or thicker textiles can be effectively disinfected in one treatment. The uvc tray at the bottom is suitable for handling electronics, measuring devices and small hard-surfaced goods. The unmissable advantage of Hygio is that the treatment can be done frequently, thus maintaining a high level of hygiene.

Safe cleaning method

The cleaning methods for the Hygio a40 Medi uvc disinfection cabinet are ozonation and uvc light. Ozonation disinfection is based on ozone and its strong oxidizing ability to kill microbes. UV disinfection is based on the power of UV radiation to burn microbes. In the disinfection technology section you will find more information about ozone ion and uvc.

The Hygio disinfection cabinet is a safe, ecological and economical solution. It does not consume water, chemicals or materials to be treated. The goods can be handled as is, without taking them apart. The electric lock on the cabinet door is activated when the program starts and the door remains locked throughout the program. At the end of the program, the goods are ready for use immediately. Fully airtight devices can be used in all standard dry and warm rooms.

The advantage of Hygio is that treatment can be done frequently and without consuming the goods being treated, thus maintaining a high level of hygiene. The device is quiet and does not interfere with other work while it is running. The device does not have to be connected to the building’s ventilation system. The cabinet only needs a normal electrical connection to work.