Would you like to disinfect clothing or other goods, but don’t have the Hygio cabinet? Hygio service providers are our clients who offer reliable hygienization services to consumer customers. Find the hygienization service provider closest to you in the list. Write the address down and set out for hygienization!

Companies Offering Hygienization Services

Costume Rentals:
Luotsin Pukuvuokraamo, Hämeenlinna
Pukuvuokraamo Gasell GP, Helsinki
Frakkipalvelu NAM, Helsinki
Salon Turkisateljee, Salo

MR Washingman, Helsinki
Askolan Puhti, Askola

Pedicure Salons:
Jalkahoitola Jalka-Onni, Salo
Jalkahoitola Villa Varvas, Lahti

Hanhivaara (liikuntakeskus), Salo
Kiekkobussi, Tampere
Hylje Wear, Naantali

Hygio-palveluntuottajat Hanhivaara

Why Hygienization Is A Good Idea?

Normal washing with water at 40-60°C does not remove microbes from textiles or goods. According to study results, up to 85% of the microbes in clothing and gear remain alive after washing with water at 40°C. Proper cleaning of clothing and other equipment that do not usually withstand washing at high temperatures or the use of disinfectants is difficult.

The Hygio disinfection cabinet freshens and disinfects sports clothing and gear, for example, easily, quickly, and efficiently. An hour-long treatment of sports textiles in a Hygio unit after normal washing makes them like new! After the end of the program, the goods are immediately ready for use.

What Hygienization Costs?

The service providers independently determine the price of hygienic treatment and any additional services.


What Can Be Hygienized?

Please remember that the Hygio treatment does not remove visible dirt, but eliminates most of the microbes remaining in clothes and goods even after washing with water. All products treated must be dry. The Hygio treatment is not suitable for products containing natural rubber. The cabinet is best suited for disinfection of the following goods:

  • textiles difficult to wash with water: winter coats and overalls, furs, leather clothing, such as motorcycle riding suits, etc.
  • delicate materials: eveningwear, wedding dresses, role costumes, decorative pillows
  • items that do not withstand washing with water or high temperatures: toys, books, craft supplies, etc.
  • helmets, shoes, gloves
  • bags
  • blankets, pillows, wall rugs

What is the basis of hygienization?

The disinfection method is based on ozone (O3) and utilization of its oxidizing ability to destroy microbes causing odors, for example. In the Hygio cabinet, the root causes of odors are destroyed, not masked. Ozone has an extra oxygen atom, which it seeks to get rid of by oxidizing organic constituents around it. Through this, oxidation eliminates the microbes’ chances to stay alive.

When a program is started, the unit produces ozone from the air inside the cabinet and converts the ozone back into oxygen at the end of the treatment. No ozone remains in the unit or is released into indoor air when the door is opened. Hygio cabinets are safe to use and completely airtight. The unit’s electric lock makes sure it cannot be opened in the middle of the ozonation process.

The hygienic treatment leaves no residues in the products. Also, no chemicals are used in the treatment. The treatment consumes no water and produces no waste; it is an ecological way to clean goods.

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