Preventing the spread of various infections is an important task of the personnel at all childcare facilities. The Hygio disinfection cabinet can be used to significantly reduce the personnel’s workload related to the cleaning of toys and other items. Regular and efficient cleaning of the equipment used is of primary importance in early childhood education.

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For early childhood education, we recommend:

Hygio A40 Medi

Provenly Disinfects Microbes

As proven by studies, Hygio disinfection cabinets eliminate up to 99.999% of microbes. Hygio a40 Medi also disinfects stubborn sporulating microorganisms and molds in a single run of the program.

Efficient Severs Infection Routes

Toys and other shared items are being used daily by children in care facilities and thus act as a major vector of infections. Because of this, it is important to minimize the pathogen content of all these items. Hygio helps to sever the infection routes efficiently.

Recommended By Professionals

Since goods can be disinfected with Hygio often, a high level of hygiene is also maintained. According to the experience of early childhood education professionals, Hygio products have had a clear effect on the reduction of sick leaves in kindergartens.

Preventing the spread of various infections is an important part of everyday life in early childhood education. Toys and other items often change hands and can be difficult to keep clean. Not all items survive washing with water at high temperatures; for some, strong disinfectants are too much. Washing at low temperatures does not eliminate microorganisms well enough.

The Hygio disinfection cabinet helps clean textiles and goods quickly, easily and safely. The products can be treated as they are and are usable immediately after the treatment.

The quiet unit can be placed to any dry premises and will not disturb those in the room when in operation. The unit only needs an electrical connection to operate. The programs are started with the push of a button and a safe electric lock prevents opening the cabinet while the program is running.

For early childhood education-related use, we recommend the Hygio a40 Medi disinfection cabinet, the programs of which are suitable for disinfecting clothing, footwear, bedding, costumes, toys, books, craft equipment, musical instruments, sports equipment, and teaching materials.

Hygio’s Benefits In Early Childhood Education

  • improved level of hygiene
  • reduction of infection risks
  • improved job satisfaction
  • faster cleaning process
  • slower wear and extended service life of textiles and accessories
  • reduced laundry costs
  • reduced consumption of cleaning and disinfection chemicals
  • reduced energy consumption
  • reduced water consumption